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St Mary's Primary School, Cabragh

Ulster Orchestra Concert - Strule Arts Centre Omagh

24th Nov 2023

Today our Primary 5 and Primary 7 pupils visited the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh and experienced the magic of the full Ulster Orchestra. The theme for today's showcase was ‘Musical Detectives’ and our pupils were brought through some wonderful and interactive music and activity with the orchestra and host Cath Arlidge.

The children became Musical Detectives for the day and were challenged to uncover and solve the Orchestra's musical mysteries!

The children were tasked with identifying the Musical Detectives who set them a range of challenges.

The first musical detective was the 'Pink Panther' who challenged the children to find out 'What is Rhythm?' The children enjoyed listening to the Percussion section and Woodwind section of the Ulster Orchestra and finding out all about rhythm. 

The second musical detective, easily identified by the children, was James Bond who challenged the children to find out about high and low notes. The harpist, Tania, played the low notes on the long strings and she played the high notes on the short strings The children learned all about the Strings section and enjoyed listening to 'Moro Perpetuo' by Benjamin Britten. 

The third musical detective identified by the children was Wallace and Gromit and the third challenge involved the children finding out about how music makes us feel. The lights were turned down and the children were captivated as the 'Jaws' music by John Williams was played by the Orchestra. Next Cath introduced the Brass section who played 'Buglers Holiday' a happy song, by Leroy Anderson. 

The children's favourite musical detective, Harry Potter, set the children the fourth challenge. This mission involved the children finding out about how loudly and how softly the musicians in the Orchestra can play. The Orchestra were able to showcase their dynamic range and the children enjoyed watching the 'Volume Meter' on the big screen as the Orchestra played.

The final detective challenge was Mr Bean. The children laughed so much when Mr Bean popped onto the big screen! Mr Bean challenged the children to find out about how the Orchestra members all play along together. 
The children learned that the Conductor, David, is in charge of beating time. David gave the children a conducting lesson as the Orchestra played the 'Hungarian Dance' by Johannes Brahms. The children loved conducting this piece of music alongside David! 

The children had a fabulous time at the concert and solved all five musical detectives and all five challenges!

The concert concluded with a dancing number called the Mambo and the children enjoyed showcasing all their great dance moves! 

We loved our day with the Ulster Orchestra. They are world class and it was a privilege to attend their concert!