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St Mary's Primary School, Cabragh
Confirmation Saturday 22nd May@ 11am
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The Safety Bus Visits St. Mary's.

30th Apr 2021

This week the Safety Bus visited St. Mary's. The Safety Bus is dedicated to visiting schools in order to highlight the safe use of public transport.

The Primary 6 and 7 children were educated about the safety features on buses, including the importance of wearing seatbelts and the reason for on board CCTV.  The children learned about different issues such as anti-social behaviour and vandalism and their effects to life.

The children also learned about general bus etiquette including signalling for the driver to stop, letting people get off the bus first, respecting other passengers, putting tickets in the bin, not putting bags on seats, moving up the bus to create space at the front and where to stand in preparation for disembarking. 

The children loved the interactive and interesting way that the Safety Bus team demonstrated the safe use of buses, the safety features on board and how best to represent our school when getting a public bus.

It was a fantastic experience for our Primary 6 and 7 children and we look forward to the Safety Bus team returning in the future.