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St Mary's Primary School, Cabragh

Reach For The Stars - Primary 6 Topic - Term 2

29th Apr 2022

In term 2, Primary 6 took on the topic, ‘Reach For The Stars’. Below is a snippet of some of the outstanding work produced by the class. A few of the pieces include:

  • Oil pastel art work.
  • A carousel activity to introduce our topic, have the opportunity to pose questions and build discussion on what we already know and what we would like to find out.
  • Moon phases – oreo cookie style.
  • Sciencific shadows investigation.
  • Research on the planets – through a Solar System Rap.
  • A piece of writing persuading people to go to the Space Hotel currently orbiting Earth.
  • An explanation on ‘How To Become An Astronaut’.
  • A trip to the planetarium in Armagh.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this topic and learnt a lot about our Solar System and beyond.