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St Mary's Primary School, Cabragh

Anti-Bullying Week in Primary 1

22nd Nov 2021

Last week it was Anti-Bullying week. Primary 1 enjoyed wearing odd socks as part of Anti-Bullying week and they even designed their own pair of odd socks. During circle time, they discussed how to be a good friend and sorted friendly and unfriendly pictures. Later in the week, they met 'The Worry Monster'. They drew pictures of things that make them feel worried and gave them to the Worry Monster to gobble up all of their worries. Next, they discussed how we can be kind to others in school and also at home. They put their thinking caps on and thought of a way that they could show kindness. Then they drew a picture of their act of kindness and added it to our 'Tree of Kindness'.

Primary 1 really enjoyed their first Anti-Bullying week in school. Well done, Primary 1.